We Tested 50+ Free Security Tools so You can Use Them for Your Online Protection


Heimdal Online Security – The idea that we should create a gargantuan list of cyber security tools started to spring in our minds around the beginning of this year.


We started from a simple idea: It should be useful. We need it. You need it. It will come in handy in the future, to have all those tools in one place.


In our journey into the cyber security and data protection world, we ran into lots of useful tools. Some of them were unmarketed gems that we had no idea that they even existed. We ran into most of them completely by mistake, while searching for something else (usually on Quora or randomly navigating on blogs).


When we finally decided to do it, to work on the list, we had no idea how and where to begin.


What tools should we include? What should we not? How do we tell if one is worthy and the other one is not?


Do we mention ultra-known products?


What about antivirus products? We haven’t tested them all since there are independent industry experts who do a much better job.


Should we mention the services that are duplicated and basically do the same thing? Or should we stick to the best?


Why? Who decides what’s best for someone and what’s not?


Should we stick to what’s free or should we also add paid products?


Eventually we came up with what we’re about to read. But first here’s a quick guideline that you should read before we jump right to the subject:


We don’t claim that this is the ultimate list. It’s not complete and it’s definitely not final. It probably never will be. We are aware that we missed lots of essential, important tools – by mistake or just because we can’t know them all. So please feel free to jump in with more useful tools that you feel they should be mentioned.


We stayed away from recommending antivirus, VPN or firewall products. There are independent industry experts who only do that. Instead, we prefer to list those experts or websites that will help you compare such services, in order to choose what’s best for you.


We tried to test them all before recommending them. And we only included tools that have free versions.


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